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Onsite, Mobile and Large Group Training

Do you have 3 or more people to send for training? We can deliver training at your location with our onsite, mobile and large group training options. Save as much as 40% on your training cost.

Maximize learning and minimize downtime.

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of bringing training to their facilities. Our onsite training is a cost effective, customizable and highly effective option to train 3 or more people. It minimizes downtime and eliminates unnecessary traveling costs. 


Customizable to suit your objectives.

Onsite training can be customized to suit your companies training objectives. Create a program that suits your staff development objectives in a time schedule that will minimize productivity loss. 

Save up to 40%.

With onsite training you can save as much as 30% on your training costs by eliminating traveling expenses. The more people you train the more you save. Ask our sales consultants to do a ROI for you today. 

Don't have training facilities? Try our mobile training Centre.

We established a complete mobile training Centre, that includes laptops, which are linked via a wireless network and all installed with the relevant software and licenses and a overhead projector. Innova3D has recognized that the need for training in South Africa is often hampered by the traveling and accommodation costs incurred by companies when groups of staff need to attend training. All that the customer will be required to provide, is a suitable venue with power points. 

Large Group Bookings

Do you have 3 or more people to book? We can offer customized and well priced solutions for group bookings. Contact our office today and get the best price for large groups. 

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