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Assisted Distance Learning/Correspondence

We have re-defined studying via correspondence or online with our Assisted Distance Learning method by ensuring that the student gets support throughout his course. We have combined Distance Learning with online video classes, at home exercises/assignments to ensure constant communication is kept with all student. Training manuals are courier to the client and immediate access to our student portal is given.

Why do your course via our Assisted Distance Learning?

Your Training Kit

Once you have registered, we will courier your full training kit to your doorstep. Your training kit will include a full set of certified training material, a trial version of the software, your training dataset, your Assisted Distance Learning instruction page and your student portal login details.


Video Lessons

We provide recorded video lessons in support of your learning material. These recorded lessons will be made available via our student portal and can be used as supplementary and supporting resources to your learning material.

The Student Portal

Get all support you need as a correspondence student from our world class, custom built myAcademy Student Portal. This portal will be your hub of information and will contain resources on all your courses, keep a complete learning profile, access the pre-recorded video lessons, allow you to submit your assignments online, participate in forums, get important notifications and much more.

Our Student Support

Need help during your studies? Make use of our world class student support. We provide various methods to our students to get them help. You can submit your questions via your myAcademy Student Portal, participate in group discussions or call our student support team at our main campus. 


Student Portal Videos

Still not convinced? Watch the videos below and see how the student portal looks, how the virtual classroom looks and how to access your assignments. 

Accessing your student portal and updating your profile


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